Membership Applications 2018/2019

//Membership Applications 2018/2019

Membership Applications 2018/2019



Last year’s memberships were distributed on a yearly cycle based on date of application. However, due to our constitution this cannot continue and this means all current memberships will expire on the 30th June 2018 no matter when they were applied for. All current and new members will be required to sign up to the club for the next season – 1st July 2018 – 30th June 2019.

Do not panic – the process for renewing is simple and can be done in a few minutes.

Applying Online – Simply access our membership portal and fill in the details. Applying online will require you to pay to complete the process so have your credit card ready before you start the application. Applications and payment are instant so, once checked, your membership card will be emailed directly to you within a few working days.

Applying Offline – If you wish to pay by bank deposit, you can download the form, fill in and email back. Note. The processing time will be longer for an emailed form. The information must be processed and entered and bank deposit checked prior to membership card being distributed. Once confirmed you will receive this by email.

Both application methods are available on the home page of the members portal.

Reminder: Get your forms in ASAP. You will need your membership renewed to compete at any future events and to continue using KartSport Canterbury facilities.

Those competing at the National Schools Competition – Please submit a completed form as soon as possible to ensure they are processed for you before the event.

Discount of 10% is available if paid by 30th July 2018 for current financial members renewing their membership, so get them in quick.

Lastly, if your name is on this list, you applied or renewed for a 2017/18 membership recently either as a new member to the club or an existing member whom has renewed too early for 2018/2019 with the old system. Please do not renew again. A separate link will be provided to you in the next couple of days for your memberships applications for 2018/2019.
Ben SchelpJunior Racing
Charl PhilipseSenior Racing
Clemens RiesenSenior Racing
Craig DouglasFamily
Dylan JessopJunior Racing
Grant BakerSenior Racing
Grant DurhamVintage
Hayley DouglasFamily
Jacob DouglasFamily
James PenroseSenior Racing
Joshua MilneJunior Racing
Mason BatesJunior Racing
Mike MilneSocial
Ron DawsonSenior Racing
Rowena DouglasFamily
Simon HunterSenior Racing
Tom CooperJunior Racing
Wade BlackburnSocial
William FraserSenior Racing

That is all for now. Get those membership applications in as soon as you can. Any questions please email

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